Not every dentist is capable to draw a tooth professionally and with maximum safety for the patient. To protect yourself from unpleasant consequences, it is better that the operation is held by a surgeon. The policy of clinic and Perfect Dent team is the maximum preservation of proper teeth.
However, if the tooth should be removed because of medical conditions, we use the most modern methods of dental surgery.

In particular, dental surgery results in placement of dental titanium implant at the site of the missing tooth, that completely replaces the dental root in its functionality. For the patient the crowns on implants are indistinguishable from original teeth neither by appearance nor by feeling. Dental surgery is not only the removal or implantation, but also the treatment of lack of bone and plastics of gums. Sometimes these measures are necessary to make your smile attractive. Perfect Dent is a team of qualified professionals therefore we set to undertake integrated operations of varying complexity.