Perfect Dent Kids is a new format of modern and progressive clinics for kids, which aims to change stereotypes of pediadontia. Preventive measures play the main role in our work.
Since for the Perfect Dent Kids the teeth are not just a smile, but an important functional component of the body, which condition affects the overall development of the child.

At Perfect Dent Kids we care about complex approach to children’s health and their harmonious development. Therefore, our experts not only provide treatment or teach how to look after teeth, but also involve advisories of other specialists: qualified vertebrologists and osteopaths, pediatricians, ENT specialists and psychologists.

Today we have to acknowledge that children often have problems with dental occlusion. To correct bite of the teeth along with orthodontist in our clinic also works physician osteopath. It helps the dentist to detect the first cause, which led to an imbalance in the development of the jaw and the body in general. In such cases special gymnastics and breathing exercises may be additionally assigned to a child besides the dental treatment.